Monday, June 4, 2012

New Ways to Support the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace

Between Two Worlds by Pearl S. Buck
The Pearl S. Buck Birthplace has partnered with Amazon.comso that a portion of the proceeds from your purchases at the world's most successful e-commerce site can benefit the birthplace, provided you begin your shopping from any of the links embedded on the sites of the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Foundation. We have also begun listing items available for sale in our Gift Shop on Amazon at

People all over the world can already purchase from our Gift Shop via our web site, and the inventory will generally be much more complete. The advantage offered by Amazon is that it lists our products alongside all other results whenever anyone searches on relevant terms. So someone who is a fan of Pearl Buck and is searching for her her works would see the limited edition, new signed copies that you currently have to go to our website to see in their search results.

They would be displayed alongside all other editions, new and used, currently on sales through Amazon. Similarly, books that it is hard to find anywhere else, such as the personal memoir Between Two Worlds, written by Pearl Buck specifically to raise funds for the restoration of the Birthplace, would be found whenever someone using the Amazon site searched on her name.

They will also see special items such as the First Day Covers of the stamp honoring Pearl S. Buck that are only available from us because they were done by the Hillsboro Branch of the United States Post Office at the Birthplace on the day the stamp was issued.

First Day Covers, now on sale at our web store,
will soon be listed in our Amazon Storefront
All of these items can already be obtained in the store on our web site and paid for using PayPal, but visitors would have to know to go to the store on our web site. The percentage of the sale taken to process transactions made on our site is less than through Amazon; but by displaying the results alongside all other product results, Amazon will bring our items to the attention of a much larger group of potential purchasers.

At the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace, our mantra is "Buy Local."  We try to find what we need locally first, and encourage others to do the same.

Still, when things can't be found and you need to shop online, please start here to see if Amazon has what you need. You may be surprised to find they not only have books, music, video and games, but departments dedicated to the Home & GardenAutomotive & Industrial, and Sports & Outdoors, among dozens of others.

Similarly, if you're far from the Birthplace but but forgot a souvenir for a friend, relative or neighbor, click here to visit our Storefront for a complete list of items listed with Amazon.  It's got only a few items now, but will be growing fast.  In the meantime, if you can't find it here, check our web store.

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