Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seeking Used Copies of THE EXILE and FIGHTING ANGEL

We recently placed an order for some of Pearl S. Buck's novels in paperback to offer for sale in the gift shop, and they've already arrived. They will certainly make and attractive display, with their bright covers, but I was disappointed to find that you can no longer order new copies of The Exile or The Fighting Angel, the two books that most directly talk her parents' lives in West Virginia and the time she herself spent at the Birthplace.

It seems the books are no longer in print.  That is unfortunate.  I am reading the The Exile now and finding it very interesting.  So much so that as soon as I've finished this biography of her mother, I will proceed to that of her father,  The Fighting Angel.  Of course from our perspective, these are also the books it makes the most sense for us to stock.  Many of the stories we tell on our tour come directly from them.

80th Anniversary Editions
They're not completely unavailable, of course.  You can still purchase new, collector's edition copies of both books in our gift shop.  But they are part of a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies of each title, published in honor of Pearl's 80th Birthday, we don't have that many left, and they are priced accordingly.  It is more than many visitors can or are willing to pay for a souvenir, especially if they are just discovering her writing.

One also has the option of purchasing used copies.  As the books sold quite well in their time, it's not too hard to find them.  It can be here in West Virginia, though, more so than it can be finding some of her more successful novels, because of the local interest.  We sell used books in the gift shop, but currently have no copies of either volume.

So, I am appealing to all who read this.  If you happen to have copies of either book, The Exile or The Fighting Angel and you are willing to part with them, please send them to us.  We accept donation of all Pearl S. Buck books and books related to her as well, but I am particularly interested in finding used copies of these two titles at the moment.

It would be great if we could build up a small stock of these books that we can sell inexpensively, but of course any edition is welcome, so long as it is intact, readable, and suitable for resale.  Mass market paperback or hardcover library binding is welcome.  They will, of course, be priced accordingly when placed in the gift shop, and should you send us a first edition, signed copy or something of that nature, if may not be placed there at all, but added to the collection.

I am, however, really looking for books to place in people's hands at an inexpensive souvenir level price.  Because once people read Pearl S. Buck, they often come back for more!  Contact us with questions of comments.

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