Friday, August 17, 2012

New Items in the Gift Shop

Check out some of the new items in the Birthplace Gift Shop.  In addition to note cards and other items featuring images of the Birthplace, we've now carry Good Earth Organic Tea, and it has already proven to sell well.  Most varieties of tea originated in China, India or elsewhere in Asia thousands of years ago, so it was astute for this company to take their name from Pearl Buck's best selling novel.  It's delicious tea, too!

Which brings me to the second set of new items, paperback copies of most titles by Pearl S. Buck that are still in print, as well as two paperback biographies of this great author.  We have both Hillary Spurling's carefully researched work of nonfiction, Pearl Buck in China: Journey to the Good Earth; as well as Anchee Min's fictionalized account, Pearl in China: A Novel.

Stop by and pick up the rest of your summer reading, then enjoy it over a cup of tea.

What sort of items would you like to see stocked in the Gift Shop?  Should we have more traditional tourist items like t-shirts and baseball caps?  What would a Pearl S. Buck Baseball Cap look like? Would you like to see more traditional crafts from China or other parts of Asia?  What about from West Virginia and Appalachia?  What are we not thinking of?


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