Saturday, June 9, 2012

Help Us Bring Visitors to the Birthplace

Do you know of a good place to distribute Pearl S. Buck Birthplace rack cards, not only to visitors, but also to people from the area who haven't visited in a long time and should see what's new?  If so, come by and pick up some cards, or let us know the place, and we'll send some.  I don't see the cards in very many places, when I travel around the area.

Tours and gift shop sales are an important revenue stream if the birthplace intends to continue an active schedule of programs and cultural activities, and there was a significant drop off last year.  So help us get the word out.  Place cards in your place of business, businesses you patronize, libraries, or anywhere else where it is appropriate and permitted.  If you are passing by tourist spots like hotels, visitor centers, or landmarks or museums and have time to check in, see if they have the rack cards.

You can also help by sharing links to our blog, Facebook page or site when you're online.  Let's get the word out.  Pearl's Mother's House can only live again if there are people in it to keep it lively!

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