Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beyond Pen Pals Educational Outreach in its Second Year

The Birthplace is continuing is Beyond Pen Pals program this year, once again working with the 8th grade class taught by Jan Jonese at Marlinton Middle School.  According to an article on the collaboration in the May 2nd edition of the Pocahontas Times, 
Pearl S. Buck Birthplace volunteers Chris Butsavage and Jolie Lewis are working with the students in the Beyond Pen Pals program, which connects them with a classroom in Bandung, Indonesia.

Butsavage just happens to be friends with a teacher in Bandung who helped connect the classrooms.
“I’ve been very close friends with him,” Butsavage said. “We went to college together at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. He’s teaching English [there].”  Click here to read more.

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