Monday, June 25, 2012

Headlines from Pearl S. Duck Croquet Tournament

Congratulations to Jim Boswell, Mark Rooper and Allen Johnson, our first, second and third place winners of the Second Annual Pearl S. Buck Croquet Tournament.  
Jim Boswell hugs Pearl S. Buck Board President Gail Ratcliff after receiving his prize.
The winning team was from Boxley, also our official tournament sponsors, by a narrow margin. 

Team Boxley
Rivers Woodward took the prize for Most Improved Player.  Jim and Mary Johnson for Best Dressed Players.  They also had a stroke of luck when they won the 50/50 raffle, entitling them to 50 to the earnings from the tickets sold.  They generously donated their share back to the birthplace, however.

It's just one example of the generosity and good sportsmanship that made the day possible and that prevailed throughout.  More on that, tomorrow.   

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