Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pearl S. Buck International Comes to the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace

On Sunday representatives of Pearl S. Buck International in Bucks County, Pennsylvania came to Pocahontas County to visit the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace and to see the performance of Welcome Home at at the Opera House in Marlinton.  Here are just a few pictures.  Watch this blog for more about the day.

From front to back, Interim Executive Director Sue Groves and Former Executive Director Timothy VanReenen greet guests from Pearl S. Buck International, including CEO Janet Mintzer, in the black coat.
The delegation from PSBI included dignitaries, staff and volunteers.

Representative of the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace and Pearl S. Buck International have lunch at the Pretty Penny.
Bill Clapham provided the music for the play, including snippets from many popular musicals for which Oscar Hammerstein wrote the libretto. 
David Yoder, one of the first children adopted through Welcome House, now Chair of the Board of PSBI, spoke after the play, sharing some of his memories of Pearl Buck, Oscar Hammerstein and James Michener.
The cast of the play with delegates from PSBI and the Playwright.  From left to right: Jim Norris (Oscar Hammerstein), Larry Davis (James Michener), Stephanie Bachman (Pearl Buck), David Yoder (Chairman, Board of PSBI), Janet Mintzer (CEO, PSBI), Danny Boone (Richard Walsh), Dale Yoder (Author of Living Legacy: The Welcome House Story) and playwright Courtney Smith.
If you were involved in or joined us for any part of Sunday's activities, we'd love to read your comments. 

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  1. It was a fantastic weekend for the Bucks Couny PA delegration from Pearl S. Buck International. Everyone enjoyed seeing the birthplace, meeting board members and shopping in the gifft shop. The play was terrific. We hope that the Birthplace will plan a weekend in Bucks County soon. We hope to be your host and have the Welcome Home play come to Bucks County too.