Sunday, July 26, 2009

Board Becomes More Active, Amends Bylaws

During the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Foundation’s April ’09 meeting, Board Members agreed it was necessary to have more than two meetings a year (April & October). The next board meeting was set for July 26th. In the interim, smaller committees met to: (1) complete a Museum Assessment Program (MAP) to understand how the PSB House can improve its operations; and (2) update the By-Laws.

With a quorum the July 26th meeting changed the By-Laws to: (1) reduce the number of Board Members from 21 to 12; (2) have Board meetings once a month; and (3) reassess the membership criteria as currently set out in the By-Laws.

They also set forth a new mission statement for the Birthplace more consistent with Pearl Buck’s original aims: “To maintain the house and property of the birthplace of Pearl S. Buck and to foster her wish expressed in the book My Mother’s House that it should be a living ‘gateway to new thoughts and dreams and ways of life’ wherein art, music and education are valued and promoted.”

In addition the meeting produced several committees: membership/marketing, human resources, grants, and previously a nominating committee. The Board’s next meeting will be August 9th.

Also notable, the PSB House had a summer intern, Phi Nguyen, who conducted with great success art and cooking classes.

For more information contact Lucinda Tyler, Board Member or (304) 653-2097 and /or Stacie Gilmore, VISTA or (304)653-4328. The PB House (304) 653-4430 offers guided tours May 1 to Nov. 1 from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

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